3 Ways to Customize Your Landing Pages to Show Visitors You Care


Landing Pages are a great way to try and provide focus to individual products or services you’d like to promote. However, too often landing pages are created hastily without much thought for accommodating the journey from ad click to check-out.

Here are some ways that you can create a more effective conversion experience and let your visitors know that they are not just another face in the crowd.

1. Message Matching

Include the same messages and imagery in your landing pages as in your ads. This helps to inform the visitor that they are in right place. We only have a few seconds to convince visitors to stay and look around our websites, so making sure that we don’t give them a bad first impression is very important for business.

“Win a Flight to Acapulco for Free with CheapFlightsForYou”

Landing page Heading Text:
“Win a Flight to Acapulco for Free”

2. Make Them Feel at Home

Geo-target your online ads to limit the display of your ad to people from specific cities or countries. These ads can then send visitors from certain cities or countries to different pages of your choice.

For example, you could show to people in Vancouver was “Discount Travel Agency Vancouver”, then your page could include a picture or illustration of a famous landmark like Canada Place, or the Gastown Steam Clock.


3. Understand Your Audience’s Motivation

If you wanted to target people in their 30’s vs. those in their 70’s you generally would look at the reasons why they might be interested in your product or service. With the trip to Acapulco example – call out the differences of why they would want to take a trip to Acapulco.  The younger age group is typically looking for a more exciting, and even dangerous experience whereas the older a safe and relaxing getaway.

cliff diving Acapulco
Experience intense cliff diving in Acapulco.


relax on a beach
Relax on Acapulco’s peaceful tropical beaches.


Dynamic Keyword Insertion on Your Landing Pages

For those who want more power and have a lot of keywords to cover I suggest using dynamic keyword insertion, either through a service like Unbounce with their Dynamic Text Replacement feature or if you want to do it yourself follow these instructions:
– Dynamic Keyword Insertion on your Landing Page
– Dynamic Keyword Insertion within Adwords Text Ads